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Creator, change-initiator, light-worker, visionary -  these words make me feel vibrant and alive, - aligned with my heart and my life purpose.

I feel that getting away from different roles and false ideas about who I am, and by being aware, vulnerable and fully present to myself, - 

I am creating a space, an opportunity for another to take off his/her mask, and to be real.

A possibility to transform hindering beliefs and encumbering structures into more authentic and aligned ones, thus bringing more clarity and joy into existence.

Spiritual seeker, transformation guide, coach and therapist, I offer individual coaching, energy, emotional and breathing sessions.

I speak English, French and Russian

All work is one-on-one in my cabinet in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Coaching and emotional work also offered through Skype and energy sessions also by distance

I equally propose group work and events, connected with a holistic approach to health, self and collective growth and expansion. 

Thrilled to accompany you on this beautiful path of life, in mutual respect and trust.

Yours, Masha

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Remote Energy Session 

Holistic medicine is a broad range of practices based on generations of tradition. After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. Contact me to find out more.

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Coaching is a short term, very effective therapy entitled to bring more clarity into your present life, to find solutions to difficult situations ( for ex.: job transition, difficulty in the relationship, addiction, etc. ). Duration from 1 to 10 sessions, depending on the complexity of the issue and your determination. As a client, you are playing an active role in finding keys to de-block the situation/s and to find your own solutions. You will find answers unlocking the resources you were unable to previously reach.

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A holistic approach, during the process, I tune myself into a higher state of being and become a channel through which the Universal energy ( Chi, Prana ) flows into your different envelopes, physical, emotional, mental and subtle, generating transformations and thus improving general well-being.

Stimulates and reinforces the immune system.

Reduces the levels of anxiety, fatigue, emotional tensions. Promotes physical and energetical vitality.

Opens doors to limitless possibilities of self-healing, solutions to problems and connectedness with your higher Self.

The treatment happens on the massage table, dressed, with eyes closed, in silence and in full relaxation.

Also possible by distance.

* Certified practitioner by Pierre Lessard and José Cloître as taught by the ascended Master St-Germain

* Certified Master and Teacher in Unified Reiki. Traditional, Original and Multidimensional. Transmitted by the Ascended Masters of Shamballa 

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Breathing Sessions

An intense breathing technique transmitted to me by teacher Dainius Mykolaitis, who, in his turn, received it directly from an ascendant Himalayan Master Babaji, as Kriya Pranayama, - purifying breath, helping to heighten vibration and cleanse blockages of different origins and inforces a direct connection with one's higher Self and the Source.
Happens while lying down. Dynamic long time breathing fills the person with the all-penetrating, intelligent and healing Chi energy or Prana. After the intense circular breathing, the person enters a deep meditative state of expanded consciousness with limitless access to multi-level healings and transformations. Recommended for anyone, who is seeking expansion, cellular reprogramming, deeper connection with the Cosmos and the Divine, trauma healing, des-ease, self and collective evolution

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Emotional Work 

Working with emotions should be like brushing teeth, - daily routine and a part of our life hygiene. Because in our Western society it is usually quite the opposite, emotions are well hidden and rarely processed, people are going through life being constantly contracted.
- Emotions need to be identified, heard, given space, felt, processed and released. During the emotional work, the focus is on the physical body and its manifestation in relation to a precise emotion. The person is invited to take the necessary time to feel the contraction, to give it attention and to let the body express itself. and to feel the immense relief and flow of the energy after the total acceptance of the experience. The state of peace, general well-being and bliss are often described by clients after the session



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